Tuesday, 19 March 2019


IT'S STILL HOT! March 19 today and the past week has still been in the 30's after a lovely spell of cool nights and days in the 20's - it's going on for another week, 35 every day.  it feels different though, still a bit hot to spend time outside but the evenings and mornings are really beautiful, autumnal stillness and soft light.
so this week . . .

rene turned 38!!  yesterday    and the family is in the middle of moving to tokyo.  sayaka and the kiddlies travelled there for health check pre. kinder/day care while rene packed up cartons of stuff in osaka.  makes me feel tired just thinking about it, but it won't be long and they'll be there.

lovely pic of sunny and her co-workers - boss lena in the front on the day of attending presentations for 'yarra woman of the year' or something like that, for which she was nominated.   they look like a great team.

 last night - Bendigo community bank celebrated 20 years of operating here in the wentworth shire - they commissioned an artwork from me and asked to present it. instead of a dry old do in a hall, the night was held in perfect weather on the banks of the darling in front of the wentworth rowing club.  a lovely evening

sam and di.   sam is a founding member of the bank

one of my favorite visitors

red rumped grass parrots on my morning walk
another lovely visitor

i'm working away on my little 'skip' character and book idea

my size reference model charlie brown

I spent time early in the week during the mild weather to reorganise the studio and have opened up the couch corner and suddenly everything feels right.  now if only the weather would co-operate. . .

wednesday, an opening at artback and dear robert had a large show.  he's so great to photograph, you can't get a bad one.  his body just moves into great angles whatever he does.   his show was impressive, a good night with dinner late with sonja, helen and her friend kate

the good old combination
of palms and the T&G
was as great as ever against
a fabulous sky

Earlier wednesday - Jane MacAllister's campaign launch on the banks of the darling at junction park.  i'll be helping out with pre-polling and polling day handing out of cards

the river through my bedroom window on the weekend  :0)

my favorite nature strip again  

coffee down at the wharf and a catch up with captain john egge

    bad boys up in the rubber tree

 walking on the island - nasty green stuff appearing on the river
surface -  strange film on the murray and the darling is just not flowing at all  -   so worrying to see

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