Sunday, 31 March 2019


BEAUTIFUL WEATHER, i think the really hot days are finished. 

a gorgeous visitor
on the island - a
morning when i
met six couples also
doing the walk,
most unusual as
i usually have the
whole place to

 this crazy craft 
went past the
bedroom window
during the week,
not sure what it
is but i think the
owner may be
a tad eccentric
 this little person was
found in the drive,
dead and only about 6"
long. i think it choked, that's a bit of gravel in
its mouth, attached to
something by a fibre.
it's a baby eastern
brown - i wonder where
the siblings are :-O

the fabulous blue-faced honeyeater

THURSDAY NIGHT i invited a bunch of buddies to go on the twilight cruise up the darling, it was a perfect evening, it's a great
way to catch up - so much nicer that a pub dinner

my house, taken from over the lock 

FRIDAY - dust storm over the lock, it was a brown and windy day but the cormorants were all busy fishing

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