Sunday, 10 March 2019


ISOBELLE AND JAN drove up from apollo bay on tuesday, what a long trip. we had two nights, two dinners, two brekkies and one whole day together and they had two long days of driving on either side. they arrived around 8.45 for dinner on a hot night. 

but the mornings were 
quite chilly so we 
were able to swan about 
in the plush dressing 
gowns. so lovely to put on something warm in the 
morning instead of trying 
to get cool.

isobelle's hair is like bright spun copper these
days - it's gorgeous and really suits her

bye bye, boo hoo - one more day would've been good :0)

the bee eaters are still here, i'm sure they'll be gone soon, in fact
i can't hear them this morning   i wonder ...

beautiful sunset
last night, the
weather is still
hot but lovely
and still, getting

    this is my favorite nature strip, must find out what these are

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