Friday, 24 March 2017


WHAT A DAY  i got up and just went for it - tidied up the yard, raked, swept, weeded, transplanted, moved pots, cleaned all the studio, all glass surfaces gleaming (stay away frogs!)  mended curtains, hung fabrics, rearranged artworks -
so at the end of the day i rewarded myself with a couple of large g&ts, smoked salmon and a tiny rack of lamb, then a bath - slept like a log  :0)

today, the back room - i want it to look more gallery like for the open studios day, more rehanging and cleaning. then to rip up lots of coloured fabric i've been collecting from op shops, and hang and tie it to the bamboo poles i'm putting out the front on the road as a banner.  hope there's a bit of a breeze.  also hope a few people come, although if they don't all the more time with sunny :0)

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