Monday, 6 March 2017


I GAVE MY SWAG AN OUTING this weekend, friend geoff picked me up in his boat and we headed downriver to snaggy point, a beautiful spot only 10 minutes away from here - sandy beaches, huge redgums, gorgeous bird life, yabbies to be caught :0)

It's been mid thirties for days and days - very warm but not unpleasant, lovely cool nights and autumn in the air.  but a couple of days in and out of the water was just what the doctor ordered after another week of trying to get my internet sorted. still waiting for    iinet to hook me up due to a faulty landline 

rob, derek and geoff, they call this yabbying

sue in her amazing ute, she built the who back of this, metal canopy all fitted out with sliding shelves, storage, tent on top,  nothing that girl can't do

my place as we arrive back, tired but happy

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