Tuesday, 28 March 2017


SUNNY AND I were so busy having a lazy evening i completely forgot about making the banners for open day so we spent a half hour before bed madly ripping up bright coloured sheets i've been collecting.
Up early to play around with tying them on bamboo and i was pretty pleased with the result.
it was hot - too hot, humid as well but people still came. i was as busy as last year, over fifty people through as i unwrapped eco dyed scarves throughout the day.  

After a run, Sunny chilled out and read and slept and we ended a satisfying day with scrabble, prosecco and a visit from sue and derek.  the breeze had started up and the evening was nice.

 unwrapping silk scarves
and hanging them out
to dance on the clothesline

    ah, the end of a hot day

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