Saturday, 18 March 2017


dont bother reading this, i'm just thinking out loud

MY TELSTRA DEALINGS - perhaps we're drawing to a close, i've just posted off a four page description of the month by month dealings, telstra has requested a report of my complaint, as if they don't have a blow by blow description in their phone files already  - i'm sure nothing will come of it but i've had $200 taken off my last bill (they're still charging me for internet that's being provided now by iinet).  they had also added on $6 for the illuminated display on my landline (i don't have an illuminated display) and $6 for messagebank, just popped onto my bill as a special surprise.   they are UNBELIEVABLE.

On to nice things - the place is busting out all over with birds, a new arrival, the young grey butcherbird.  The lake halfway to Mildura is covered with swans and the beautiful crested pigeons have been doing their sunbathing ballet under the sprinklers.  no people photos, it's been a week at home getting things done - storyboard has gone off to harper collins, rough has gone to catholic diocese and now i'd better get my bookkeeping up to date :0(

the swans are amazing - so many.  before all the rain last year this lake had evaporated to a pretty foul smelling salty expanse, now it's just bursting with life.

next week is open studios day and sunny's coming up for the weekend :0)   YAY     i'll do some silk dying in the copper and unwrap it all on the day,  large scarves. 

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