Sunday, 5 February 2017


Not mine though, i'm in melbourne with rene, sayaka and the kiddlies at their airbnb, a nice 40's red brick block of units one block away from st kilda beach.
my issues with telstra continue but i'm putting them on hold for this week.
I drove down on thursday, a very hot day best spent in the car with aircon on.

stayed with vicki in south melbourne and had a walk to the pub in the evening cool, good to catch up

then over to see rene in st kilda on friday, fish'n'chips with the family and ron - and a SWIM  on a gorgeous night as the sun set

TWO little boxes of cardboard
books have kept mara and cal
occupied for hours. as books,
to make towers with, to chew,
to wear as shoes (the empty
boxes) - also worn as a hat.
and great to read too, numbers,
colours, shapes and opposites.
so much to do and learn :0)
sorry this won't play as a video


the gorgeous one :0)

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