Saturday, 25 February 2017


WEATHER IS GOOD, warm and lovely, cool nights. good for work - i've started printing, two days to really set up the studio and find everything i need, i've done a small print just for practice, now for the real thing.
going through all the botanial prints i've done looking for backgrounds for my book - this one is from a series of very subtly coloured ones that i like

saw this advertised
and taped it - what
a shocker. the script
was so clunky i was
embarrassed for 
poor gregory peck.
sophia looked
as gorgeous as
ever in some 
outrageous outfits

i'd like to say it was fun
but it was just awful 

the kingfisher is back
these little fellas seem to have settled into the backyard nicely.
most years they're so high up you can only hear them but this
year they've been very visible and they stay put for ages so it's
not hard to get a decent shot.  very pretty little birds

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