Wednesday, 15 February 2017


TELSTRA'S finally put in an official complaint and given me this wifi thing - it's working for the laptop and phone, but still not the telly - i'm stuck with free to air and dvds  :0(

EXCITEMENT - from my bed early yesterday morning i spotted a kingfisher sitting on the power line so i jumped out and grabbed the camera.
all these shots are taken thru the window

got a couple of shots before it flew into the big box tree, i got some more shots then realised there was a second, younger one.
out of focus but i really like this shot

adult top left, young one lower right

a visit from a spiny cheeked honeyeater 
more photos then the youngun flew down to the riverbank where a third was waiting with a fish.  wow, i feel blessed by the bird gods :0)
blurry due to excitement, distance and dirty windows

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