Friday, 17 February 2017


looking a bit bald there :-o
is the owner of Lancaster Press and he's worked with countless artists producing lithographs - a show of the work he's helped produce is on now 'Between a Rock and a Hard Place' opened at the art vault on wednesday.  my 'foundling' was in there, also two of sonja's.  unfortunately peter couldn't be there :0(

Christine Wrest-Smith
 had an exhibition in
 the second gallery.
yesterday she came out
to visit and we had a
trip along the riverbank
 to see the boundary tree and the flood levels on
 the trunks of the huge
 old redgums
after the exhibition - a beautiful evening in mildura

these structures
 have been up for ages -
it's a vineyard but i
can't see evidence of
anything planted.
 looks great as you
 drive by though
love this Merbein section of the drive home

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