Thursday, 10 November 2016


TWO DAYS in melbourne, a long day on the road topped off with dinner and catching up with the illustrators at jude rossell's - what a great group of people.  terrific to see them all and stay the night

my wonderful editor erica, right with sally
rippin, two gorgeous girls :0)
good buddy and old friend, current
children's literature laureate for
australia, leigh hobbs and the lovely
lorette broekstra
this is jude's 'tiny student house', she's made most of the things in the house, quite amazing and wonderful to see it close up

next day, a meeting at allen & unwin on the progress on 'swan lake' - all going well, cover design yet to be decided

A night with sunny and luke playing a lacklustre game of scrabble, we were all tired.  then up at 4 to leave for the airport at 5, a quick run to tulla and onto the plane to osaka, thanks sunnybun :0)

i think i'll be spending quite a bit of time with this little bundle while i'm here :0)

DAY ONE - off to day care to
deliver cal, a few levels of
tiny children, so cute.  
  a long walk to refamiliarise myself the area and branch out a bit further. all my favorite things are still here, miso, sashimi, great manholes, interesting people, signage.  now for a rest, it's been a full on few days

  just a touch of autumn left, it's coat weather now

had to photograph this for old time's sake, sunny and
i stayed in this weird building on our first trip
whoops, mara's been superceded :0)

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