Saturday, 12 November 2016


I AWOKE to news that mildura has had incredible storms, a mini cyclone with non stop lightning, hail and 30mm of rain.  i've heard from mimmo who is housesitting and my place is fine. he says the river is up two more steps so that's more than halfway up the bank.
it would've been a scary night, lots of movies and personal accounts on facebook this morning.

I'M LOVING getting to know mara, she's a little treasure.

last night i took her down to the 'crazy supermarket', and she thought this packet of noodles was the funniest thing she'd seen :0) kept her amused all the way home

she has a
with jamel,
who run's
rene's online
store - a lovely

i'm off to my airbnb today, not sure how i'll get there and more to the point, how i'll find my way back to here everyday.

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