Tuesday, 15 November 2016


this is the hanging i bought - the floral
BIG WALKING DAY - the ukiyo-e museum is closed mondays but i decided to walk over and find it anyway - of course i didn't.  i walked too far, but today i know where to look.   i did the full length of the huge shinsaibashi shopping street, all undercover (rainy day) which includes the wonderful hospitality section, supplies for the restaurant trade, knives, aprons, saucepans, the lovely hangings that cover so many doorways to cafes ( i bought one) huge ranges of ceramic bowls, small tabletop cookers - it's a fascinating area.

i walked for four hours then picked up the adorable one for some play and a bit of telly while she slept.  what a little bouncer she is.


    I had lunch in this little local cafe, good food

osaka's answer to istanbul's istiklal - dotonbori, a river of people
night and day, noisy, busy and wonderful

traffic controllers - serious business.  this carpark exit was supervised by three dramatic arm waving, cap doffing, bowing attedants in splendid uniforms
these two had red lightsabres - very impressive

the walk home after dinner with ren & family

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