Saturday, 19 November 2016


RENE, MARA AND I took the train - well four trains - to kyoto yesterday to visit the bamboo forest.

perfect weather, soft sunshine and whoo hoo - the autumn colour was still there, fabulous red and gold in maple trees with the tiniest leaves - light canopies of lace overhead.

a beautiful great egret, it would've been over a metre high. it was dancing in the river shallows chasing a fish. i wish i'd been closer

we walked through the bamboo forest (with 1000s of other tourists) up to a hill under the canopy of gold and red and thick green moss-covered slopes scattered with fallen leaves.  a truly beautiful and serene place despite the large numbers of people, and lovely to have a day with rene.

lovely lights at the station on the trip home

at the supermarket on the way home from dinner,
christmas decorations are big here although
christmas is of no great significance other than
an excuse to have fun, sound familiar?

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