Thursday, 14 January 2016


41 YESTERDAY, 45 TODAY with a lovely big duststorm to herald the cool change.  i worked at home all day, the cooler really couldn't quite cope later in the day but the change came along. a few drops of rain just to up the humidity then stillness and sweating.  i'm up late now working on the couch and watching The Missing, ah the real cool change is just coming in now - after midnight. lovely cool breezes blowing in the windows.

the ducks on the golf course were enjoying the sprinklers yesterday morning on my walk.  too hot to walk today

fabulous clouds yesterday too

did some satisfactory work on a pic for the book today, 'evil-ising' the eye

also re-acquainting myself with the
gorgeous visage of rudi

drawing drawing drawing


  1. Anne, Wow, wow, wow! Your photos and drawings are always awesome!!! Cheers, Sadami

  2. thanks sadami. after 45deg yesterday it's cool and breezy today, i'll probably work in more comfort :0) cheers anne


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