Friday, 22 January 2016


JANUARY is the month 
of the Murray River International Music 
Festival, a week of 
classical music]
String quartets, baroque, sopranos, a lot of 
musicians come from 
Italy, organised by stefano's older brother Sergio 
who's a concert pianist.

They've asked me to take photos for them in exchange for free admission. Tuesday night was the opening at the magnificent Ampelon gardens.
I'd taken about 50 shots - people who were attending, the first act, two Italian classical guitarists. nice soft evening light.  Then i lost the whole lot - somehow they just got wiped, no idea why. My stomach just turned over when i saw the 'no image' sign on my screen. :0{

Nothing i could do about it, i took the rest of the evening and they were fine but i've chucked that SD card.  

It was a beautiful balmy night, cicadas and crickets and a kookaburra competing with the musicians, everyone takes a picnic.  Lovely

Stefano's gorgeous son Domenico introduced the evening

WEDNESDAY - a walk across the golfcourse to get the paper.  the grass parrots and ducks were out in big numbers :0)   It's still damn hot but the mornings are OK.
 A pretty warm day at home after a few spots of rain, just enough to create humidity which means my evaporative cooler struggles a bit.  I worked on swan lake, it's coming along :0)

A quiet night, didn't do the music festival tonight

THURSDAY  I thought the car was due for a service today but when i drove down found it was next week, so i had a leisurely coffee and xword at artback. no walk.  Tamina came to clear the cups from our table, multi coloured cups and saucers,  i said 'hold it right there while i take a pic' and next thing i now they've overbalanced and smashed all over the footpath :-O

lt looks like anne's comforting a distressed tamina but actually they were both 
about to burst out laughing

TONIGHTS music festival program was just down the road from the art vault so i met sonja for a drink, took some pics of resident printmaker michael kempson from sydney uni and then attended a sublime performance of accordion and recorder, the sounds they came up with were transporting, i loved it.  charismatic performers too

 name of performers

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