Saturday, 2 January 2016


COOLNESS this morning, just lovely.  A funny day, i walked down to the town to get the papers, had a call from a friend at artback so said i'd meet her there, went to the IGA, got the papers and lift back to artback with anne, who runs it.  friend helen had left, was at my place.  so she came back to get me and we drove home. no keys. rang anne to see if they were in her car - no. at the supermarket? i rang - no.  helen stayed for a cuppa and more friends arrived to deliver two tables i've acquired free from friends who've just sold their home.  we spent some time unloading and more cuppas.

they left and i couldn't find the keys anywhere so called to make sure they weren't in helen's car. no.
i was getting quite worried, i know it'll cost $800 to replace the one key i have for the car :0(

so i got on the bike and rode back into town to retrace my steps.  alan at the IGA searched everwhere for me, i walked round the car park, rode back to artback, looked in anne's car, went inside to see if they'd been left on a table, no.  

that used up the morning and put me in a very grumpy frustrated mood and i'd already woken up feeling pretty bad (for no good reason).   then anne rang to say she'd found them fallen down behind the back seat  :0)    aaah  phew.

I'm trying to get work done as usual.  did 12 new dresses yesterday and now i want to rearrange the studio with the new tables in place. 

really good old hardwood tables with black vinyl worktops. perfect.

then a blue wren flew in and couldn't get out so i thought i'd better scoot and let it settle and find an exit.   it's gone now.

so it's been a frustrating day of feeling like i haven't got anything done, which would be fine if i hadn't just had three weeks of solid socialising in melbourne, geelong and torquay.  maybe tomorrow will be better

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