Wednesday, 30 December 2015


ON SUNDAY it was goodbye to sandra and patrick's lovely home after a hot and lazy christmas day with sunny,  lots of prawns and oysters, champagne, a chat to rene in osaka (cut off after 10 minutes, thank you viber)  The fires down on the ocean road raged through wye river and burned 116 homes, thank god no-one was killed.

Down to Torquay with sunny today to see jenny and freddie

i think sandra and patrick's bougainvillea
rivals my crazy one that's grown half way up the huge box tree 

to hit the road, bluey
was happy to be
on the move again 

we did a nostalgic drive round geelong, checked out the new library with it's amazing view of the city and the bay, the wonderfully restored bow truss (?) building in mercer st, eastern beach with its ferris wheel, a visit to susan and sean, ran into old friend gary and had a tour of his great little cottage, then onto jenny and freddy for a fun night of fish n chips with family and friends, a late and noisy night  of scrabble, music and laughter :0)

it'll be great to see susan
and sean's townhouse as
it transforms, hopefully
this year

a wander along the front beach

the beach was absolutely packed with holidaymakers

MONDAY - another gorgeous
day, we had a good walk along
the creek, such a pretty spot
and so well developed by the
council, with wooden 
platforms that were all being
used by people fishing,
the little bridge which made it
possible for sunny and i to
walk up to jen and robs to
see em on her birthday and to
meet darling little baby max

                                             what a little cherub

shenanigans under
the table with jake
and little ned (?)

IT WAS ONLY A SHORT VISIT then on the road again to the grampians to see helen and don.  lovely surprise - nephew chris was there and we had a good catchup - he's such a lovely guy, it's a shame we don't see more of each other

sisters selfie :0)

Yesterday was the long drive home on a very sunny day, hot up here but clear and fine, a beautiful sunset over the murray to welcome me home.  hoses are on now - the garden's looking pretty dry but it'll be fine. time to start the new year

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