Saturday, 12 December 2015


i'm sitting in bed at sunny's saturday morning, waiting for her to wake up in the loungeroom don't want to disturb her.
 I've been on the road wednesday (to the grampians) and thursday to melbourne, no connection for the laptop till now.

I never tire of driving through the
mallee and the wimmera, those 
big skies and expanses of gold,
it's gorgeous
Always great to stay with helen and don in the grampians, then came the shock of arriving in melbourne and taking over an hour to get over to north carlton. from the westgate bridge - crawling ALL the way!

GREAT DINNER WITH GOOD BUDDIES thursday night, at the cosy dining room at the Union Hotel

isobelle madly answering queries from friends organising the food for her launch today - what kind of jam for the scones??? 

     terry and libby, erica and isobelle, i stayed with lib and caught up properly over brekky and     next day on a gallery trip

   Lovely to see erica and isobelle together - we're all too far apart

FRIDAY - the beautiful 'blue' exhibition at NGV.   anne, janet, libby and i had morning tea at the gallery and then took in the gorgeous textiles, garments and ceramics in the asian gallery. lunch at southbank, a lovely day and quiet night at sunny's on my own, a much needed breather to catch up on emails, crosswords and the paper.

waiting for the
tram in north
carlton, lots of
pretty buildings
around libby's
fabulous ai wei wei 'forever bicycle' sculpture in the NGV foyer

birds roosting on the glass ceiling

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