Monday, 21 December 2015


LAST SUNDAY, a lovely christmas picnic at denise's, i stayed two nights

MONDAY - a productive day,  anne and i finally finished the little books
 we made after george
 matoulis's bookbinding workshop about
 12 years ago!

                       DA DAA!!

    always great to spend time with the lamberts  :0)

   then i got thrashed at scrabble!



We spent a morning opshopping in anglesea then i headed down to queenscliff to check out the new gallery that soula and theo mantalvanos have opened in an old church, it's a lovely building and they've done it beautifully.

A visit to janet and bevan in pt lonsdale then in for a night with gail at torquay, our traditional fish n chips and scrabble night and a walk on the beach next morning on a gorgeous day - very hot later on and the beginning of a four day heat wave

                                dogs on the beach always look so happy

then i headed into geelong,
more christmassing, this time with my sisters and partners at little creatures brewery, a fabulous use of the old classweave (?) factory down on swanston street.  a lovely night, no pics - i decided to make it a camera free zone :0) so much socialising and photographing this past week, it was nice to just sit and talk

i did take a phone pic of the town hall - we drove past on the way home and checked out the xmas projections on the facade, it looked good

FRIDAY MORNING, Corio Bay was a perfect mirror

it's getting hotter, this morning was already pretty hot when i drove
up to melbourne, forecast says 38.

UP TO MELBOURNE on friday, I installed myself at vicki's in south melbourne, a haven for three days, then i'll be over in northcote for a week.  It was great to visit penny byrne in her great studio, apartment/workshop in thornbury.  a great space with some really fascinating conservation work in progress, three totally different jobs on the go

                                                 the mesmerising otto  :0)

we went next door to a coffee shop that also houses an amazing collection of taxidermy, not my favorite thing but these were so beautifully done they were almost artworks

                                this one's real, a giant tree frog 
                                         looking like a ceramic

visited australian galleries with my swan prints today, a first for me and i'm very pleased i did it, i've never actually taken my artwork into a gallery before,  too scary but stuart's a lovely man and he was very welcoming.

MET UP with robin cowcher and leigh hobbs to see the myer xmas windows, robin's book 'lost dog' was used as the subject for the beautiful recreations of '50's melbourne.  sandra and patrick (whose house i'm in right now) both worked on the project
                                   bourke street decorations look great

    Robin looking understandingly delighted with the gorgeous work

                            leigh channels his inner kid (never too far from the surface)

                      Manchester Unity building lit up


Caught up with myself a bit at vicki's and we caught up with each other while she got ready to fly to mexico city.  about to arrive there about now i think.  south melbourne's always a nice place to be, we went to sth melb market, joined the locals in a back lane christmas party where santa arrived, generally just tried to chill out in the hot hot weather

NOW I'M IN NORTHCOTE for a week of work and christmas with sunny

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