Thursday, 3 December 2015


ACTION PACKED with a big lull in between :0)  I headed off to the school at assembly time to give tyrone and the school a copy of 'where's jessie?'.  tyrone posed for the boy in the story, he and his mum were really chuffed that's he's been used as a model :0)

it was cool and lovely yesterday and i decided i should do a print, then i got bogged down all day adding work to my website. but the highlight of the day was going down to the library to meet 100 year old Maud Crang, who still works there on wednesdays doing cataloguing for the historical society. i'm photographing her for the photographic exhibition next year, 'shades of grey'.

she's as sharp as a tack, very bright and still interested in everything, with a great memory for the history of the town. she was born at 34 cadell st and lived there till the '80s and her brother charles built my house in 1962. i'm so glad i finally got to meet her, i'll catch up with her again in january for a better interview and more photos.

then last night donnie and peter, di and sam and ruth and i all went on the twilight cruise up the darling in perfect weather, not hot, just warm, clear and breezy.

we all had a lovely evening :0)

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