Wednesday, 12 August 2015


A SATISFYING DAY of working on my book, then another visit from that f#@%**!!!!!ing prowler last night at 12.30 - woke me up knocking on my window, despite the whole yard being lit up with my new sensor spotlight.   i called neighbour dan who spotted a guy belting up the road opposite his house as he pulled out of the drive.   so i called the cops and brought them up to date. now i'm looking at getting a wireless security camera, some internet research to be done.

  an interesting morning visiting sue and derek james at their lovely house, and exploring the little old house and shed on their other land round at the duck pond at curlwaa.

sue and i discovered that we were both at belmont high at the same 
time, i think she may have been a year behind me,  she also worked 
at Brights in habbie!   small world

Miss Haversham's curtains

ah yes, a study of what the weather can do!

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