Monday, 31 August 2015


gorgeous raff
AFTER MY SATURDAY night out with dyan and vivienne i had a leisurely breakfast with janeen and john  then hit the road - i really wanted to see helen and don on the way home.
It was great to see dyan (publisher of Baby Days in 2002) and vivienne, it's been years since our last oyster bar gig.
I caught the tram home (it was icy cold)  and managed not to fall asleep and miss the stop :0)

SUNDAY MORNING we all had brekky together and i headed off to Stawell. Not the most exciting drive but the fields of canola and the blossom trees were gorgeous.

the trip from adelaide to the grampians

a new BIG THING  - the big olive, they really were big but somehow unimpressive, like my hair

the lovely claudia,
at the waffle
stand on the side
of the road at
a lovely
waffle with maple
syrup, so
unexpected on the
road home

    beautiful canola fields as i drove into the grampians - 
    as magnificent as ever

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