Wednesday, 5 August 2015

MONDAY TUESDAY - i've been recalcitrant

AMAZING how the days whizz by, i'm always surprised when i open up the blog and two or three days have slipped past me.

just popping these pics
on - one of my favorite
sculptures. i was inspired
to go looking for it after
seeing robert hague's
wonderful entry in
the Wynne prize

my recent visitor
robert hague's 
entry in the
wynne prize

the mudlarks that have been hurling themselves at my windows are now going nuts in the garden. i tried everything to keep them away from the house and finally resorted to a mirror in the garden. I feel a bit guilty as they continue their pointless defence of their territory against the foe in the mirror but what can i do??


working at my desk in the main room has its distractions, the river and pelicans skimming over the water are a welcome one, the bird bath can become intrusive when different birds keep appearing when i'm trying to work.  the miners are hilarious when they're having a bath, divebombing headlong into the water like naughty boys.

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