Friday, 4 December 2020


 WOW, what a whirlwind it's been, travelling down south as soon as the borders opened, visiting don at Lake Lonsdale with jenny on the way then straight to sunny's to see etta.  

FABULOUS SKIES out in the mallee, how wonderful to be on the road again.  Last time was June

AT DON'S  the gorgeous grampians

Jenny and I
went for a walk
up to lake
lonsdale and
were rewarded
with this little
fellow crossing
our path

How divine to finally hold my gorgeous granddaughter after 5 long months of watching her grow online. and great to see sunny and luke in their new two level apartment, so much more space than they had before.

I visited janet and bevan at queenscliff, gail at torquay then sunny,luke and etta came down and we all shared gail's house for the weekend with more catching up with friends and family on saturday and sunday.  i completely ran out of puff and could hardly speak or listen to one more word by the time i left.  good to visit anne and dennis though and see the work that anne is doing, and to meet their granddaughter luca.

baby magpie at janet and bevan's, part of a family that visits every day along with kurrawongs and butcher bird

Everyone visited us at gail's on Saturday - the first time Etta has been introduced to the geelong/torquay crew and the first time great aunt jen has held her.  She took it all in her stride :0)


It's a funny thing to observe how tricky it was to keep up the pace of visiting after so many months of lockdown and lots of time alone.

It's been almost a month now that victoria has enjoyed 'double doughnut' days of no covid cases or deaths.   we're so lucky compared to so much of the world,  USA, Europe and Britain are in a terrible state.  thank goodness it looks like vaccines aren't far away.

more fabulous skies on the drive home

gail is here with me at home now, we drove back on tuesday, it's friday now and we've had a lovely few days in perfect warm weather, gardening, playing scrabble, watching movies, walking, sipping g&t's and just being together.   so nice.
today we're off to trentham estate for lunch and a wander round mildura. 

    aah!  enjoying a cool rose on the riverbank

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