Monday, 23 November 2020


GREAT NEWS that the borders are open and mandatory mask wearing in Victoria is a thing  of the past.  I'm heading off down south tomorrow and can't wait to hit the road.

Meanwhile it's been wildlife central around here over the weekend, dinner at Sam and Di's and a sleepover at Derek and Sue's meant i was introduced to new birds at their houses. Zebra finches at Di's, i love these little birds and it's the first time i've seen one in the wild.

then at Sue and Derek's the sparrowhawk is nesting up in their box tree, a splendid specimen that has all the small birds nervously making lots of noise.   These hawks are such efficient killers.

Then there was the grey shrike thrush baby up high in their garage, the nest precariously balanced across a corner ledge

On the way home the lock looked beautiful, yesterday was a very hot day but really still so the reflections were perfect for some photos. 

As i drove through the gate yesterday i had to stop to clear the stumpy from the driveway - he was not impressed

Love these funny little fellas

the kingfishers came to visit down on the riverbank

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