Monday, 2 November 2020

 FRAN AND I have done a lot of different things this week, besides lots of telly watching and knitting during the unseasonally chilly grey wet days earlier in the week.   Our original plans were thrown last Sunday when mike became unwell and was taken off to Mildura Base Hospital for covid tests and diagnosis.   So difficult in these times of border controls, it was an effort for Fran to find out how we could get him back over the border from Victoria to here, and fran couldn't visit for the same reason.

The week - i've always meant to go down Fletchers Lake Rd so finally we drove down and had a wander, discovering tiny flowering native plants, lots of new growth everywhere after the rains. 

SUNRISE AND SUNSETS have been spectacular because of the weather, plenty of cloud around to capture the colour

CRESTED PIGEONS have had babies, they're so funny as they 
chase the parents around the yard, they're relentless :0)

                           BIG BABY DARTER  - just look at 
                            those feet and below, how they can
                            grab onto the branch

ECO DYEING WORKSHOP,  fran and i raided the garden for leaves and made a concertina book and a woollen wall hanging

FULL MOON - gorgeous as ever


SUNDAY  - FAREWELL FRAN & MIKE     after a week in hospital in mildura mike arrived back, rested and a lot better than when we saw him off in an ambulance last sunday. Now heading home to rest  
and recuperate

around the garden    (there's a blackbird nest up in that tangle)

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