Monday, 7 December 2020


 THIS IS THE FIRST MORNING i've woken up in an empty house for two weeks.  

After my busy busy week down south Gail drove back with me last tuesday and left yesterday morning with Ian for a few days travelling home via echuca. 

classy sign at the Meredith servo  :0)


a must - pasty and vanilla slice at Birchip Bakery on the drive home

it's been a lovely time of us gardening together, playing scrabble, watching movies, just spending time together doing not too much :0)   Productive time though.  we mosaiced a couple of pavers, the beginning of a pathway that will go thru the middle of the circular drive garden.

On our walk to get the paper Gail spotted this brown snake crossing our path.  eek!

LOVELY!!   brekky in my own bed again

I bought a new birdbath

waiting now for the first bird to decide it's ok, i'm betting it will be the willie wagtail.

Gail and I had a lovely seafood lunch at Trentham estate, it was gail's fourth day here and we completely conked out for the afternoon.  it's tough having a good time day after day 😂

a visit to Fossey's for a G&T after Ian arrived.  gail and i had spent a hot and blustery afternoon at the movies

after two weeks of non stop socialising and travelling - a bath!!

lovely to be back on the river

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