Sunday, 30 August 2020


 IT WAS SUNDAY last week at 3 a.m. that i broke a small bone in my foot, i've tried to avoid much time up and about, the moon boot is really awful and it's easier to use a walking stick and put my weight on my other foot.  two days till i have an xray.  i've been getting off the bed or couch as little as possible so here's hoping there's improvement.

In the meantime sunny's sent lots of wonderful pics of etta, everything is settling into a pattern and life is as normal as it can be there considering the stage 4 lockdown and 8pm curfew.   More than halfway through the 6 weeks of restrictions and daily COVID numbers have come down from 700+ to under 100 so the mandatory mask wearing, limited travel for essentials and no visitors rules are having an effect.  

little sweetpea's loving her bouncer,  more animated by the day

Spending so much time in and on the bed during the day with my foot up, i'm appreciating the view out the window of the garden and river and the endless array of birds in spring fever mode - parrots, kookaburras, various honeyeaters, willy wagtails, kites, crested pigeons and of course every now and then, a pelican overhead.

And right in front of me, these gorgeous freesias perfuming my room

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