Sunday, 2 August 2020


LOCKDOWN is a paradox - we're all confined to doing things in a very limited area, not visiting, not travelling.  and yet the days seem to fly by more and more quickly.   here it is, sunday again and it seems like only yesterday it was last weekend. 
even adding to the blog i'm always surprised to see how many more days have passed than i thought. so . . .  apart from my two little clips i haven't written anything since july 20.

she's coming along nicely 

JULY 7   etta finally fits one of the 
little knits i've made

JULY 19  eyes wide open, nearly focussed

JULY 22  filling out nicely

LOCKDOWN CONTINUES - masks are compulsory in victoria now
I'll see if mildura residents are complying on the 7th's trip to doc.

               LOVE THIS PIC

   Luke is teaching online from home  -  now he's back on
   campus but still remote teaching

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