Tuesday, 25 August 2020

LATEST ETTA PICS   she'll be 10 weeks old tomorrow and has made the transformation from tiny newborn to bouncing baby :0)   alert, focussed, active and gorgeous 

RENE and family have been spending weekends at the beach. the summer oppressive heat and rain have passed and it looks like the weather is perfect.  they all look pretty perfect too  💞

Mara's grown so much taller, gorgeous girl

    Cal's lost about six front teeth, some new ones are coming in now

well, on sunday at 3 a.m after throwing a log into the fire, i turned around at the top of the steps to go back and turn up the air, missed the bottom step and stood straight on my bare heel.   crack!  so i'm in a moon boot for the next six weeks.  next appointment in a week to check progress so i'll be feet up as much as possible till then

     MORE ETTA PICS  - she reminds me of my niece claire as a baby

   Sewing dresses for Mara - fun.   i'm not sure about using the       machine pedal with a moon boot, might have to slip it off

   another jumper for me.  guess it'll be scooting along now

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