Monday, 10 December 2018


I LEFT ON THE 4th for a trip down south for various xmas catchups.  i don't have many pics - for some reason i seem to be leaving my camera at home for social things, just a few photos of the trip up and down.

 the morning i was leaving
this was what i saw from
the loungeroom window
as i opened the

travelling down . . .  i love these shimmering horizons on the way

 at the grampians, masses of corellas, clouds of them
    a lovely dinner with don and jen and art and a walk in the        morning to lake lonsdale
 on the way back

travelling on to melbourne - clouds like angels sweeping in for christmas  :0)
Had a good catchup with publishing buddies at Allen&Unwin xmas party, stayed with vicki for a quieter time (welcome) then down to geelong to see susan and jenny for lunch - a lovely time on the bay and cancelled xmas party at APW - too much travel, a horrible dusty hot day and fires at little river - i was so grateful to stay and have a lovely lay day and a swim at torquay with gail and her family - just delightful.  then denise's xmas bash on saturday.  the boys got out of hand  :-O

home now after a long day on the road but time to stop at lake hawthorne to watch the red necked avocets feeding - i'm very happy to be back, love a trip to the city but love being home more :0)

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