Monday, 17 December 2018


boy!! we've had huge windy scary duststorms then windy scary rainstorms, i've lost the top of a large tree, thankfully up the front and not near the house.  but then it turned into three days of divine light and steady rain, on an off throughout the day.  during which time i had intended to tidy up the yard for my bbq on saturday.  well that all had to done on the one dry day, i was really bushed by the time everyone got here at 4.  but it was delightful  - tables out on the lawn, people in groups in warm breezy sunshine.   just perfect :0)

    there are all kinds of birds that have nested and now have young
    ones.  i can hear all their new calls around the house and watch
    them learning to fly.

                   decoration time :0)

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