Sunday, 23 December 2018


PAINTING PAINTING and having trouble.  not quite working, needs something . . .
also getting ready for my airbnb guests who arrive today, having christmas here and suffering temperatures in the 40's if they stay the full week they've booked.   i'm letting them go early with a refund if they need it,  with a 4 mth old baby it could be pretty tough :0(

A wonderful week of decorating and watching birds in the birdbaths.  also a full moon to top it all off :0)

a quiet christmas day for me. i've caught up with everyone, phone calls with men friends, lunch with martin, phone calls with sunny and rene, saw everyone in geelong and torquay so i'm just being here at christmas, eating all my favorite things and hoping my guests enjoy their day.

 the fabulous darter

it's been a week
of nice weather -
no more rain
but no wind
 little friarbird

on another
for fossey's
gin labels
- this one's
old man

 the sacred
kingfishers have
a young one
and i can hear
them all day

peaceful dove, such a pretty little bird
 new lights for christmas

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