Monday, 3 December 2018


IT'S BEEN A WEEK of just 'being'.    watering, planting, painting,
morning walks, crosswords, watching birds ... things i like to do in a unhurried way.

how nice to stretch a canvas again after so many years

got the sink plumbed, so now i have my paper soaking sink in the studio functioning and emptying into a bowl outside to water plants.
ceiling fans ordered for the studio too :0)
Birds are nesting - but in places i can't photograph, i can just see the busy to-ing and fro-ing at the claret ash,  a little friarbird and spiny cheeked honeyeaters feeding their young.
 This weekend was our open house at the Makers premises down the road, we had an exhibition and mini workshops all weekend and it was terrific. so many people came and the hall was buzzing with voices and people doing things. 
 i love
take on our
bee eater
logo, made
from old
meryl hale and jane baseley -  and my photos

marg's crazy cockie tea cosies, she's up to 14 species
already and no sign of stopping :0)

my effort - a piece of chrysophase wrapped in silver.
i'll make it into a brooch


morning walk today, darter on the golfcourse and 
fabulous annual display of cactus flowers in town

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