Sunday, 14 May 2017


I'M IN MELBOURNE - sitting in bed on mother's day morning, rene has emailed to say he'll call later, how nice :0)   i dropped off all the work at Dromkeen after a slightly apprehensive eight hours driving with 28 bubble wrapped and strapped up framed works with glass. hopefully they've all arrived undamaged, i won't know until i unwrap them in a couple of weeks :0{
Dromkeen is wrapped in autumn glory, the gardens are looking magnificent.

director bernadette joiner

SATURDAY - Sunny's off to the grampians for the weekend, i had a busy day - walked all morning up sydney road, it's such a wonderful shopping strip. then off to the print workshop to see four friends' exhibition,  a group of large works commissioned for some new corporate building.
kate hudson, marian matthews, melissa smith and barbie kjar who's off to spain today lucky girl

met up with the illustrious mr. hobbs
at APW and we had
a drink or two and a
good catch up across
the road.  always so
good to see him :0)

THEN ONTO THE TRAM and up to the Westgarth to see a film, 20th Century Women.  i found it interesting but ultimately flat, i dozed off and still wonder if i was audibly breathing :0\

then a short walk to martin's new home for his 60th, a very busy night filled with friends and family old and new, martin's new partner trish and her sisters and kids all working busily serving food - i didn't manage to get a photo of martin and trish together because she was on the move all night :0)  all good though, lovely house and a great night.
a lovely surprise, tony scott (left) is back in town,
probably permanently.  so good to see him
    great pic of ros

    hmm - this was one of 3 popout moustaches on the card i gave     martin, not sure they thought the design out too carefully but the white outline definitely coordinated with his outfit :0)  this particular
moustache was called 'the trucker'

martin and brother robert (?) and mum stella, going strong at 80

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