Monday, 22 May 2017


RED RED RED everywhere 
- the ornamental grapevines, liquidambars, claret ash and manchurian pears are ablaze - the colours this autumn are amazing. that red seeps in and lifts my spirits :0)

coffee at artback
behind the ruby curtain
with anne hederics
I had a fascinating
morning at friends
sam and di's - they
let me go through
their parents and
letters from WW1
and WW11 so i
could gather
photo reference
for my book.
such lovely old
paper and
interesting post
marks and stamps,

and another place
where the grape-
vines are just

OFF TO THE MOVIES with sonja, then a g&t at fosseys, once again under spectacular
red vines on
a gorgeous sunny autumn day
my botanical illustrations for fossey's gin labels

I SAW THIS BIRD down on the riverbank this morning, i scared it off before i saw it down on my riverbank, so these pics are taken zooming way in across the river.  it's a young nankeen night heron but i was surprised to see it plop into the water like a duck and disappear into the reeds.

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  1. Dear Ann, I do not drink gin though, I love these labels. So beautiful. Best wishes, Sadami


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