Tuesday, 16 May 2017

MOTHER'S DAY on the road

I TREATED MYSELF to a lazy mother's day morning, alone at sunny's in melbourne.  a huge leftover vanilla slice and an episode of pride and prejudice at brekky time, a hot bath and then on the road to see sunny and stay with helen in the grampians. i had a long phone talk with rene too -  all in perfect sunny hazy autumn weather.
this was a huge field full of kangaroos and deer, my long distance pics weren't good

    helen and don's front porch ablaze with grapevines


what a gorgeous day, i left helen's early after a night of roast dinner, toasting mum with a bailey's and a game of scrabbleIt was a foggy morning which turned into a beautiful hazy day, lots of pics, i just took my time and got home around 3.  it's another beautiful day today, the autumn weather is divine.


ok, i'll pull over!!!

i stopped to photograph these silos and could see two birds up on the roof.  i couldn't really see what they were until i downloaded the photos - two lovely little harks or falcons of some kind, must look them up in my bird book.

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