Tuesday, 25 April 2017


I SLEPT IN THE AIRBNB room last night because i couldn't be bothered making up my own stripped bed.  too tired - i was awakened by super heavy rain at 2.30, then a friendly mozzie decided to divebomb me until i got up and despatched him ):0(

couldn't sleep so i sat up and played words with friends on the laptop for a while, hoping to get tired. but no, sleep was again to escape me with the arrival of a mouse in the room.   grrrrr  
the alarm was set for 5.15 so i could photograph the dawn service at the request of our local paper, the Standard.    so i set a trap and came back into my room to make up the bed at 3.50    {:-{

got some pics, some ok but i was disappointed that the bugle was just a recording 

just as the wreath was about to be laid a man collapsed in front of me, he really hit the road hard. but police and other helpers had him looked after straight away.  he wasn't old either, not sure what really happened there.

it is now 8.15am, it feels like the middle of the night and i'm hoping to catch a bit of sleep before i get up, what are the chances?

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