Sunday, 23 April 2017


SATURDAY - fed coco and the cat next door, i'm looking after them for 3 weeks, the cat is still hiding under the bed, will it get used to me?  after the rain huge toadstools are popping up everywhere.
coco goes completely nuts every time i come through the gate, round and round the front yard turning so fast she's throwing up dirt and making divots in the lawn. funny dog :o)

    after the rain . . .

i had a wander

around next
door's riverbank
and saw my
house from a
whole new
also spotted an
old concrete
trough that i
might see if i can
have for my

headed down to artback for coffee and ended up staying about 3
hours!  had to be back there at 3.30 for a makers meeting so my saturday kind of disappeared with only about an hour of artwork done :0(     better pull my finger out today, sunday. early
morning now
Jeanette Hope (local historian, nothing that woman doesn't know), rob biggs, friend and fellow camper on our group weekends, just met mark dugay-grist, archaeologist recently returned to live in mildura and jane mcallister, new councillor who's very involved and will be at our makers/ council meeting on monday night, looking at the future of the arts here in the region

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