Friday, 7 April 2017


IT'S BEEN A GORGEOUS WEEK - temperatures in the high twenties with still balmy evenings, glorious days.  the only way i can remember what i did all week is to download photos, it's been busy with grant applications for me and the Makers, an illustration commission which i've just emailed off, and cleaning up the yard bigtime.  tidying up for easter :0)    also various electrical and other household problems,  things just break or go wrong don't they?  all the little things we can't predict.
still, as i sit here at the end of the week, everything done, piles of rubbish gone to the tip, artwork delivered, grant applications submitted, I'm a happy little vegemite.  here's a rap of the week

this gorgeous image was in a japanese catholic church where friends of rene were being married

beautiful reflections on my walk back from getting the paper - near lock 10
 the main street, wentworth
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driving back from mildura, wednesday - after a day of running around getting
photocopies, information etc. for grant applications
i took some photos of anne in the lyric gallery at artback, it's
filled with her work in photography, printmaking and textiles,
no wonder she's looking so happy

 last saturday at steve's working on my sculpture

very please with my two golden delicious apples, the first off the tree that janet and bevan bought me when i first moved up here. i ate this one and it was - yes, delicious
    visiting sue and derek last . . .  friday? for a prosecco on friday           night  i love this sole palm

gathering pics for my next book

 gorgeous storybook moon a few nights ago
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    driving home  a couple of days ago, the swans are just going crazy     on lake hawthorn.  the second pic is taken on zoom through
    heat haze

look at this, lovers in the sky

last night, graeme peebles is in town for a residency, he came out with sonja and helen for a night on the riverbank and some food :0)

today, got the grant applications in, delivered the artwork and cleaned up the yard for steele to take all the garden stuff to the tip, all looking good, now i can just do some nice gardening jobs.

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