Tuesday, 27 September 2016


I'VE BEEN HAVING A MINI HOLIDAY in the hidy hole of my loungeroom.  having a cold is permission to stop - very nice sometimes.  this morning i'm feeling more human, i might get dressed :0)
my super luxury hooded dressing gown has been getting a good workout the last couple of days, even out to the copper to see what goodies were in there.  nothing too exciting except these wonderful leaves from latrobe uni carpark.
I'll change the water today and try some more.
these leaves were large green gumleaves but the new leaves were soft and deep red, they printed really dark. must get some more. i love the way the sofe pastel checks of the blanket almost disappear, just a hint of subtle colour
pretty sure this is box, i'm so awful at keeping records :0\    more patience required

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