Sunday, 18 September 2016


IT'S BEEN BUSY - hence no posts since tuesday.

WEDNESDAY, Janeen arrived from adelaide at 6pm and we had dinner at the pub, and a leisurely thursday of scrabble and food before driving up to pooncarie for friday school sessions with school of the air kids and palinyewah school

dinner at the pooncarie pub thursday night

POONCARIE OUTREACH SCHOOL - no longer an operating school but every fortnight distance students come in and get together - this friday they had janeen and i doing separate sessions, a tennis coach and the local fire brigade with their truck.  also a great bbq lunch out in the yard.  it's a great place
lots of great hats there, cute kids too 

ah yes, 
the beloved
cats - these 
are by littlies
3-5 yo,
gorgeous :0)

we were finished by 1
- three groups each.
time for a stroll around
 the cemetery in warm
sunshine and a drive home
 to collapse on the couch
 - a good trip and
 lovely people

     we stayed at the port pitstop cottage - advertised spectacularly on
     the road outside pooncarie  -  about 15 ft off the ground

a bit of local colour,
bra and boots 
trees on the side
of the road

and at the end of the day a well deserved champers

Saturday morning
- bye to janeen then
home to get the
room ready for
airbnb guests
tomorrow  -  feeling
pretty tired but
had to go back into
mildura for a drawing
class at the arts
good friends in this class - a nice afternoon and a drive home surrounded
by spectacular skies, rain expected and it sure did arrive

new vines about to go in here - reminds me of arlington cemetery

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