Monday, 26 September 2016


COUCH DAY - head cold, Pride and Prejudice, getting tangled in wool trying continental knitting.  a little bit of progress.

little groover
and his mum :0)

-the aftermath of my
disaster the other
day - rang martin,
font of all printmaking
knowledge and got
step by step instructions
on making sugarlift. it's 
smooth and glossy. 
also liquid hardground,
all ingredients from
bunnings :0)  what
would we do without
that big B

just realised i didn't post about my disaster, trying to make sugarlift to make a print with.  involved heating sugar and water till it's a syrup consistency.   I got sidetracked didn't, lighting the fire in the lounge.  

finally looked up and the whole house had a white smoky ceiling and the kitchen had disappeared in a cloud.  and the saucepan ...  

it was going in the bin but i've decided to keep it as a studio decoration :0)   turns
out it didn't need to go on the stove at all.

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