Friday, 24 June 2016


I HEADED OFF THIS MORNING in good spirits, work dropped off, a night with sunny, looking forward to seeing helen, a couple of big vinnies stores to investigate in brunswick before i really got going.
but . . . i felt i might be getting a cold, not quite sure.  but i knew i wouldn't go to helen's if i had a bug to pass on.
Hit the road and travelled towards ballarat then got stuck between about four Bdoubles and missed a turnoff.  had to go back and get on it again, and by then i'd decided i was definitely getting a cold so rang helen to say i'd go straight home.
I thought i'd drive till about six then get a motel, but when i got to Sea Lake at dusk, not a motel in sight.  i travelled on to ouyen and the 3 motels were full.
it was dark, windy, very rainy with black shiny roads and i really just wanted a room.  i would've stayed in mildura but no luck so i drove all the way home.  a very long day and now it's 12.20 and i'm still up  :0(    

better turn out the light

next morning - it's friday and i'm home so that's good. airbnb lady might arrive a day early tomorrow so i'm glad i've got all day. it's wet wet wet here - lovely.   

A tip for everyone
who reads this blog.
i took my friend 
donnie's advice for
an oncoming cold 
and rubbed vicks
vaporub on my feet
and put on socks
when i went to bed.
instead of waking up
with a dry mouth and sore
 throat my nose is clear
 and i had a great sleep.
the vicks gets right
into where it needs
to be.  good old feet :0)

pic - cosy and warm in my magic
luxe dressing gown   Target $49
everyone should have one

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