Tuesday, 28 June 2016


Last night the sky was lovely as the sun went down, i ventured out with the camera (i've spent days inside throwing this cold) and a big kangaroo took off across the front yard. he stopped and looked at me, as they do but just as i was about to take a pic he sprang over the fence from a standing start. i'm always amazed to see that 
 i've still got my
cold, but it's not
too bad - it's been
great to be so
comfortable in the
house with the 
new wood heater
and i like the whole
process of bringing
up the wood and
getting the fire going
- it works really well

and just look at
that hearth - my
own handiwork :0)

being inside has been the perfect opportunity
to work on ideas for a new cover design
for Swan Lake


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  1. Anne, please take care. The roughs of a cover are so romantic...!! Best wishes, Sadami


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