Thursday, 23 June 2016


AH!  A VERY SATISFYING DAY - i had a long long bath in the morning before meeting a good friend for lunch, we had a long long walk up sydney road and across to lygon st before finding somewhere to have lunch, then another lovely walk home.  he dropped me off at allen and unwin which was great because i didn't have to battle the traffic. I'm over driving in melbourne.

sydney road buildings

I had an hour's wait so dropped off the folio and went for a wander, up the street to the melbourne artists group for a look in their galleries then across the road to visit st. patricks cathedral for the first time. it's just awe inspiring, huge stone columns, beautiful leadlight, vaulted ceilings, wonderful sculptures and carvings.   a nice way to fill in time

home to catch up on my own for a while, then a glass of wine with sunbeam, and bed - a nice day :0)

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