Thursday, 26 November 2015


LAST NIGHT was a strange very windy night as a cool change followed a 39 deg day.   late in the evening the wind changed and i thought i could see a dust storm coming up the river.  It turned out to be smoke from the horrific SA bushfires that have been raging for two days.  The smoky air turned the moon red.  I had a night of  disturbing dreams

Today Art Vault resident Nic Plowman came over to wenty to draw with steve. he offered to come and help me move some heavy things in the print studio - it was great to have him here, he did some things i just couldn't manage and we got the bar fridge and microwave set up in the spare room

here's the sartorial nic sporting one of anne's crochet neckpieces,
not shown to advantage here, price tag still on :0\   

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