Saturday, 7 November 2015


TODAY I HAD that strange feeling, a day off with that  in the back of my head, have i forgotten something i have to do?   no, stay in bed and catch up on editing and facebooking.  :0)

i got up around 9.45 and start pottering around when the phone rang -  'where are you?'    :-O
i was supposed to be in mildura at 10 giving an artist's talk about my artists's book which is on display!   there are 3 locations, 3 artists.  so the poor people who had gathered  walked off to see the other two and came back for my talk and i hightailed it in there 

a very understanding rosina byrne who organised the 'white cube' exhibitions
each month.

excitement!   my first box of books arrived this week, 
i've sold five since yesterday :0)

 a visit to the Art Vault to have a really goo look at the Print Triennial prize exhibition and visit the gang.  Arone Meeks is in residence from the far north, nice guy, here with sonja and her son indi with his 'movember mo'

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